Borneo Holidays Travel Information

Borneo Holidays Travel Information

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Your Essential Borneo Holidays & Vacations Guide


So you’ve decided to take a vacation/holiday to Borneo?  Great choice!  No….we’re not being patronising….we love our Borneo and want you to love it too!  We are a true, Borneo based company with years of experience to share with you, that’s why we have been around for may years!

We find that if people have already got as far as looking on our website, then you’ve probably already made your mind up that your holiday destination is going to be Borneo – you just don’t know what’s available or how to plan the perfect itinerary and that’s what we do best. So…you could skip all the amazing information below and go straight to ‘Ask Bob’- Borneo Bob (yes, it’s a real person!) can give you lots of great information to make Borneo holidays and dreams come true.  You won’t get a sales pitch, just honest and experienced information to help you make a decision.  If you want to carry on reading (we hope you do!) then please find below some useful tips and ideas to help you make up your mind further.


Let’s start with Borneo itself:


You may have already looked around our website and read some great information already but if not, here is a little synopsis about Borneo itself.

Any Borneo holiday will be filled with a feast for the senses.  You will be taking in some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.  You will be seeing wildlife that makes the heart beat faster and jaws drop.  You will be visiting places that will broaden your understanding of this great Island nation.

Borneo is the one of the largest island in the world and is located off the coast of Indonesia.  Borneo has been a holiday destination for many a year but still manages to bring something new even to the most regular visitors and tourists.  As tour guides and providers and locals, we can honestly say we are seeing a learning new things all the time.

Borneo is divided between the Malaysian state of Sabah and Sarawak (North) with the Indonesian state of Kalimantan to the south as well as the sultanate of Brunei.

Borneo has a rich amount for fauna and flora for all to behold and, of course, protected species such as the famous Orangutans.


Food in Borneo


There are foods to tantalise all taste buds and discerning pallets, with food influences from the East including Indian and Chinese.


Temperatures in Borneo


As we are sure you are aware, Borneo has a tropical climate with temperatures averaging 27-32oC around the year, with a high humidity of 80% – it is a rainforest island of course!  To that end, the wet weather and rain can’t be accurately predicted!


Borneo Holidays – Best Time to Go


This would depend upon many factors.  You can ask Borneo Bob when the perfect time of year would be to visit – Ask Borneo Bob.


What to wear in Borneo?


Now this is a difficult one and you will have to arrange your own appropriate garments of course, but don’t forget that the weather can go from bright sunshine to rain in a matter of minutes and, of course, this doesn’t add any negative aspect to the beauty on offer as it is all part of Borneo.  Don’t forget to think about the activities that you will be taking part in, such as diving, jungle trekking and more.


Currency in Borneo


Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)


Important Dates for Festivals and Events in Borneo


Independence Day is celebrated on the 31st August.  You will see fireworks and celebrations galore when on your Borneo holiday as Malaysian independence is celebrated.

Deepvali (or Diwali) is celebrated on various dates (15th day of Kartik, the holiest month in the Hindu calendar).  This is the Hindu festival of lights.


Borneo Holidays Review – TripAdvisor


We always recommended you take a look at what other people are saying about Borneo and recommended that you look at TripAdvisor as we find this to be the most populated review site and one that has honest and recent reviews on all trips, be they for Borneo holidays or not!


Best Borneo Holidays and Packages


We could state that we offer the best Borneo holidays and packages, but we don’t.  Why not?  Don’t get us wrong, we are exceptionally proud of what we offer, and you will find it difficult to find the level of dedication, support, experiences and more that we offer but it’s all in the eye of the beholder don’t you think? You will find that each travel provider will offer you their own excursions and more but we have people coming back to us time and time again which, we think, speaks for itself.

So, we hope that this has whetted your desire to make your Borneo holiday become a reality.  Do take a look around the rest of our website or contact Borneo Bob for more information, including help with personalising your perfect Borneo trip!  Take a look at the Borneo holidays on offer and we hope to be welcoming you soon!