At all times standards of safety management must exceed what is required in the home country.

For each group there will be a Team Leader who will accompany the group at all times and for all activities. 

The Team Leader will liaise with the Group’s Leader at all times but final authority for the group will rest with the Team Leader.

Pre-departure requested information for all educational establishments.

1.  Six months minimum. Kit list sent to school leader and discussed in detail.

2.  4 weeks from departure Pertinent medical information for all group members including staff requested. Particularly allergies.

Swimming ability of each participant recorded.

3   From the very start Stress the need to get fit enough to participate. To buy and break in boots.

After arrival in Kota Kinabalu

All vehicles comply with Sabah Tourist Authority standards for tourists.

Drivers are all known to us, most employed by us for a number of years. They hold required licences. They have also been Police checked as required by Sabah law to allow them to drive students under 18.

All accommodation is licensed by the Sabah Tourism Authority and comply with safety requirements.

Most of the accommodation used can be found on Hotel Booking sites.

Our guides and staff check all accommodation before, during and after client visits.

All guides are experienced, fully qualified and registered by Sabah Tourism and Police verified.

All have worked with us for years, have received plaudits from clients across the world and have won state awards.

Participants are briefed on:

Anti-malaria measures they need to be aware of including long sleeves and long trousers.

Use of Deet to repel mosquitoes.

Wearing hats and suncream / block.

Use of mosquito nets where needed.

Use of alarm whistle and what to do if they become separated from the group at any time.


Checks that medicines have been taken especially anti-malaria drugs.

Check kit worn is appropriate for the days activities and issue water to each participant.

Check if there are potential blisters developing or cuts uncovered.

Check weather for the day and convey this to the group. 

Check communication coverage and convey this to the group.

Discuss “Plan B” with the Group Leader

Support vehicle coverage made known to all the group.


No water crossings will occur if the water is higher than mid thigh for the shortest participant.

No water crossing will occur if the Team Leader considers the current too strong.

Participants will cross any water one at a time, with a guide and with a second guide down stream in the water.

No swimming in swimming pools will be allowed at anytime unless at least two responsible adults, guides or staff, are present and safety gear is available.

No sea swimming will be allowed at anytime unless at least two responsible adults, guides or staff, are present.


Participants will have kit checked by the Team Leader.

Re-emphasise use of alarm whistle and what to do if they become separated from the group at any time.

Discuss “Plan B” with the Group Leader.

Last man on the trail will always be a guide.


We only use registered camping sites. 

These either form part of a larger leisure space complete with toilets and washrooms or they are well established jungle camps where the toilet and wash facilities are by their very nature more basic but still afford privacy.


If the Team Leader considers any injury sustained during any activity warrants evacuation our support vehicle is available in the shortest time

with immediate transfer to the nearest or most suitable medical facility.

Sabah also operates a Rescue Helicopter in extreme cases.