Honeymoon in Borneo

Over the years we have arranged and facilitated many honeymoons on the idyllic island of Borneo. With our insider knowledge we really do know how to make it special!

From sleeping in the jungle, under the stars, to a five star luxury beach front apartment – we can arrange it all to suit your dreams and expectations of a perfect honeymoon. Your honeymoon is a holiday you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so it’s essential to make it as memorable as possible.

There’s nothing more relaxing than sunbathing on the powdery white beaches of Borneo, listening to the sound of the turquoise waves rolling in. Borneo offers the best of both worlds – it’s a place where you can both relax in and explore to your hearts content.  Here at Borneo Travel we want to make this come true for you and your special occasion.

A once-in-a-lifetime holiday to Borneo can offer so many brilliant memories. The island is renowned for its abundance in nature, with opportunities for visitors to see endangered orang-utans roaming freely in their natural habitat. It’s a wonderful place to create lasting memories with your partner, before beginning the rest of your lives together.

Many honeymooners wish to compliment their special occasion with a period spent trekking, diving, and biking on the beautiful island – we believe we are specialists at creating the ideal mix for your honeymoon holiday! We offer a variety of Borneo trekking tours, including a trek up to the Mount Kinabalu summit, where you’ll be rewarding with awe-inspiring views of the island.

If Borneo seems like your dream honeymoon destination, contact us today and let us take care of planning the perfect holiday for you.