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Borneo Travel 2020

Here at Borneo Travel we are lucky enough to provide some of the best and most exclusive excursions, holidays and adventures in Borneo.  2019 has been another great year for our travellers whom have come to us expecting some wonderful trips and we have not failed to deliver – extending upon over 10 years of tourism experience in Borneo.

We are, of course, looking to extend upon our many itineraries throughout 2020 and bringing your more Borneo Travel opportunities.

We have already supplied many of our customers with some wonderful opportunities to see this beautiful country including:

in 2019 we also brought to you are adventurous Borneo Motorbike Tour which has been an amazing success.

We have supplied schools with some amazing trips that the children will never forget – sharing our vast experiences from local guides and teaching about the protection of these beautiful lands.

Here at Borneo travel we don’t just want to help you book what could be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure but we also want to help you build memories of that adventure that will live with you forever.  In 2020 our aim is to expand upon our tours and excursions to ring you many more different opportunities to choose from.

We pride our self on being local to Bono and our tour guides having expertise knowledge to share with you with accolade such as Malaysia’s best tour guide.  We have one many other wards including best tour programme award and best tour package award and we don’t just stop there.

So we look forward to bringing you a new itinerary in 2020 and hope that you will join us and allow us to help you build your perfect trip.

We hope you have a prosperous and amazing 2020 and want to say thank you once again to all our customers have joined us in the 2019 season and look forward to welcoming you back to Borneo again in 2020.