Borneo Holidays from 2019 to 2020 and Beyond

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First we wish to wish our visitors, past, present and future a Happy New Year!  It has been an exciting year for us at, welcoming many new visitors for your Borneo holidays 2019 to 2020 and to explore our wonderful country, the wildlife and the beautiful surroundings.  We are excited about the up and coming months ahead as the new year brings new adventures and new things to see for explorers of all ages and abilities.

For instance, we have just started to introduce out new Rudum Highland Tour – an exciting opportunity to see a real area of significant historial interest.  Please do take a look at the Rundum article for more on this as well as the main Trekking Itineraries.

There is a reason why people book with us time and time again, because of our ability to offer you real experiences from real locals.  We are not a holiday company that just takes bookings and that’s it – when you book your tours and adventures through us you are getting support from start to finish – with real people, real contacts.  Our group of people have been working together for many years and we have amazing feedback that we are very proud of indeed.  We want to bring you the same level of service, the same amazing experiences and the same quality we have always offered and provided – we want you to love Borneo.

Our Borneo Travel Holidays 2019/2020 Mission

As we are sure you are aware, Borneo is somewhere that opens the eyes and the heart.  We are locals and we are very proud of the place in which we live – that’s why we can share this love with you, the visitor, in such a way that  not only protects our environment but that leaves you with lasting memories.  When we say “Borneo is Where We Live” on our home page we really do mean it!  You will explore the rainforest, meet incredible wildlife and leave your life at home as you being a new adventure for the time you are with us.

At we have been providing tours, adventures and excursions for over 30 years, brining you a range of options to meet all tastes and wishes – from school trips to honeymoons, from trekking in the mountains to diving in the beautiful oceans – there really is something for everyone in Borneo.

Our aim is always a simple one – to show you Borneo in a way that you will never forget.  To share with you our experience, our knowledge and leave you with memories that will last you a lifetime.

About Borneo – Beauty in Abundance

Borneo is off the coast of Indonesia and has an abundance of history alongside it’s famous rainforests, wildlife, diving opportunities and so much more.  The people here, and we speak as part of them of course, are friendly and welcoming.  We love to share our culture and our food with strangers – proud of who we are and what we are all about.  We have a mixture of food influences to share, from Japanese to Chinese, and you will find these all over Borneo – something for all tastes!

There are many religions in Borneo and you will find thee influence our culture in many ways too.  We ask visitors to please make yourself aware of and respect our cultural and religious beliefs of course, but are also happy to talk to you about them too!

In 2019/2020 we want to share even more of our beautiful land with you and give you chance to experience many more adventures and experiences when you visit us – even if it will not be your first time coming to Borneo!

Borneo is also home to many protected species of flora and fora alike.  We are proud of our sanctuaries and our fight to protect the species of Borneo, from the amazing Orangutans to the Pygmy Elephants.

Borneo Weather and Climate

Borneo has a tropical climate of course – hence the rainforest – and the climate and temperatures can average from 26ºC to 33ºC  all year round but with a high humidity.  There are wet seasons that can be difficult to state when the will happen and this is part of our lives, but tourists generally visit the most between the months of May and September.  This is not different for Borneo holidays 2019 and beyond (climate change or otherwise) as we can never predict the weather of course!

Key Borneo Adventures and Tours

We have lots of opportunities for you to explore Borneo – all dependant upon how much time you have with us!

There is:

And more!

Borneo Travel offers you experiences that you will never forget – adventures that you will talk about for a life time.  So, if you are looking for your next adventure in Borneo please do feel freed to contact us today!  We are here to answer any questions you may have!